Very excited to introduce all you guys to Kave. I heard this guy’s music last week and was blown away. Absolutely tremendous sounds, and for the most part, all of his tracks are free downloads…

Fuck. Yes.

This track “Hammer“, which is in collaboration with Compact Disco is the one that immediately caught my attention. It’s super nutty, a serious dancefloor killer that’s creating quite a buzz right now. The man comes out of Chicago and, I swear, nothing bad music-wise ever comes out of there. It’s like a breeding ground for the dopest producers.

All hail Kave and his henchmen.

Now, I’m not the biggest dubstep fan. But as a bonus, check out “Bass Fuzz“. I know you dubstep fans will devour this. I have to admit, it’s yummy.

More Kave on Facebook and SoundCloud.