Not too long ago, we featured Tomasz Betka and his awesome lounge track “You Were My Life.” Today, I’m excited to share a quick interview I did with the Polish musician.


HOF (Robbie): Tell us about Tomasz Betka the project and who you are as an individual. What’s a day in the life like?

Tomasz Betka: I am a musician, composer and producer. Recently Grammophonica Records released my two singles: “White” and “Black.” They comprise of four songs ranging from house music, disco to proper pop music, to which I invited friendly Chicago vocalists: Andrea Love, Yvonne Gage, Lauren Ritchie and David Dub. Vince Lawrence from Slang Music Group is the author of most lyrics on those records, except “Love Takes Over”, which has been written by Andrea. All music has been produced by me and Vince as well. Being one of the pioneers of house music and known for his work with J. Saunders, R. Kelly, M. Jackson and many others Vince Lawrence had a big impact on final recordings.

My day? I usually get up late, around 9am and listen to recordings from the previous day. After quick breakfast, I’m going to my studio. Evenings are usually reserved for my piano performances in one of the clubs in whatever city I currently am.

Who are your biggest influences as an artist?

It is hard to describe in a few words who I value the most and who had (and have) the greatest influence on me. There are many: starting with classical musicians like Maurice Ravel, film music composers: Michel Legrand and Ennio Morricone, Tango master – Astor Piazzolla, ending with popular music like Pink Floyd, Chaka Khan, George Michael and EDM – Roger Sanchez, Dimitri From Paris, Scott Storch and many more.

What’s it like being a musician on the grind in Europe?

Being musician on the grind in is not easy, because there is a whole world full of sensational music, great musicians and producers trying to grab the consciousness of the listeners. My origins are Polish but now I share my time between Europe and US, where I usually record.

What’s the next step for you? More releases? Touring? Videos?

Currently I am working on a new material, we should be getting in the studio possibly even this winter. I have two videos out: “Love Takes Over” and “You Were My Life”. In a few weeks “The World Can’t Bring You Down” and “Fall For You” will be available on YouTube channel – GrammophonicaTV. In the meantime you can get all my music on Beatport, iTunes and other digital stores. Physical copies are available at

Who would you like to work with in the future: producer, musician, vocalist?

Again, it is too many, lol! I would be very happy being able to work with Scott Storch, get to know his way around the studio and learn something from that experience. I would give a lot to see George Michael at work! See him composing and “inventing” melodic hooks we all know from the hits he produced. I love to work with anyone who is passionate about music and is 100% commited to the cause.

What is, according to you, most important in music?

“Striking the chord” in your soul, moving the listener in any way, doesn’t matter if it is a melody, beat or harmony in the song. Music is an emotional thing which should have an impact on the people. Personally I think that the melody is the most important part of the composition.