Last month we were introduced to Felicity and ever since we’ve been doing everything we can to get the man, Nick Ramirez, and his music heard by everyone we know. After talking with him for a while about how we’re going to get him better known, we decided it would just be better if we did a quick interview. Find that below and stay tuned for more from our new friend.


Robbie: What’s your name? Where are you from? What’s Felicity all about and why do you do this?

My name is Nick Ramirez, but as an artist I’m known as Felicity. I was born in Southern California, spent some years in Arizona, and now I’m living in San Jose while I finish school at UC Santa Cruz. I’m all about the progression of expression. Producing music and playing music is how I creatively express myself, and I think that as a person, it’s the best way that I can contribute to society.

What’s the one party you’ve played or been to that you’ll never forget?

My biggest performance was this past October at Insomniac’s Escape From Wonderland. I played an hour set for a few hundred people, and it was the most exciting experience I’d ever been a part of. It’s definitely one of my biggest accomplishments, and I’m hoping it’s going to lead to more opportunities in the near future.

If there was one track you had to play at every single one of your shows, what would it be?

This is a really tough question. If there’s one track I’d have to play at every one of my shows, it would probably be The Electric Light. Out of all of my tracks, this one might have the most euphorically driven melodies, and a really progressive drop to match. In my opinion, I think the atmosphere it creates is outstanding, and I think it will be experienced best at a main-stage event under an open sky.

What’s your dream accomplishment as a DJ/Producer?

My dream as a DJ/Producer is to collaborate with as many different artists as possible. Some of my best friends are amazing instrumentalists, and I’d like to work with them and bring their skills to my sphere and create something entirely new. I had the opportunity as an intern in Santa Barbara to spend some time with Depeche Mode while they were recording their forthcoming album. After seeing their setup and the work that goes into their production, I’ve been inspired to bring more traditional instruments in line with some of the new technologies that are emerging. The possibilities for music creation seem endless, and while I don’t have a vision of where we’ll be heading, I do know that we’ll be moving forward and producing some amazing material.

Who’s the baddest bitch in the world?

Shout out to ALL the ladies.