Well, ladies and gentlemen… We’ve found our new favorite artists. Yes. It’s true. And what’s better? They’re working with us here at HOF, all the way from Canada. If you haven’t heard the name Modisound yet, it’s time.

The duo, Mark and Francis, have recently unleashed their debut EP Yellow To Purple via Stardust Records, one of the most respected independent disco labels out there. And as the hype around Daft Punk’s new album grows overwhelming, Modisound’s EP will fix anyone’s cravings for those sexy, upbeat grooves.

Starting with “Let Your Hair Down”, we’ve got a groovy piano driven house tune with some exotic vocals from Maryse Bernard. “Champagne” keeps the groove going from there, but in a more synthetic and synthy style. “Driew” is a little more experimental in structure and sound design than the other tracks, throwing in some vocoder sounds, live drums, FM synthesis, and a bit of distortion, which segway’s nicely into the last track “Strut”. “Strut” contains all the opposite elements of “Let Your Hair Down”, being much heavier, distorted, and clunky.

Mister Gavin throws down a really funky, smooth, and classy remix of “Let Your Hair Down”, which catered to Maryse’s voice perfectly. The Late Night Hustle remix is also a great addition to the EP, showcasing a different house style which borderlines progressive house but still keeps it funky. And finally, DJ EQ’s remix of “Champagne” is a more loop-based version of the original. He said he liked the original so much he wanted to stay true to it but add his own unique touch.

So, disco lovers, rejoice! We’ve truly got a fantastic selection of songs here that will get any day or night going.

I asked the guys what’s up with the name ‘Yellow To Purple’, and they said “it kind of describes the transition of styles from something very light and dancey (yellow) to something darker and heavier (purple).” I love it!

Enjoy the full EP stream below and be sure to pick up the release on Beatport by clicking the link further down.

Click here to purchase ‘Yellow To Purple’ at Beatport