I’m super excited about this one! Everyone prepare yourselves for Tiger La. We first got a glimpse at her talent when we heard Bobby Green’s “Velvet Queen,” a track which she provided stellar anthem vocals to. Shortly after premiering that track here, we received a submission from her. My face lit up as I hadn’t been able to find much more from her until then. After a few emails and a somewhat tricky international phone call, I got ahold of the Londoner and now I’m happy to introduce her to you all. Tiger La is a name you’re going to remember.

We’ll be sharing more of her music as we go along but let’s start things off with her Lux produced “Deadly Rhythm.” She calls it “the fruit of honest, soul-searching writing,” and the track alludes to Tiger La’s experience as a young dreamer in the big city and the arrogance of her youth. Her lyrics, inspired by scraps of her poetry and daydreams, explore the malaise of a generation and her vulnerability in love.

Check out the stream and pick up the download below. And definitely tell us your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom of the page. Whose voice does hers remind you of? I know my answer to that question, but I’m curious if anyone says the same.