Sahar’s “10 Signs He’s A Fuckboy” below.


1. “Bitches” and “Hoes”

Believe it or not, there are men out there that do NOT refer to women as such things. If he causally refers to women in such terms…guess what he is? He’s a fuckboy.

2. Tool

Listen… It’s great that you love the gym. Good for you. Are you able to love anything other than taking mirror pictures of yourself with flexed muscles?

10 Signs He's A Fuckboy d

3. He posts more selfies than you do…

Liiiiike…what the fuck is this? He posts more pictures than you do on Instagram. BYE!

4. Club Rat

Every weekend, same clubs, same music, same scene. Why do you feel the need to show your face in that social light all the time? It’s excessive, and we all notice.

5. “Come over and chill.”

You mean “fuck” right? Classic fuckboy line. Stop throwing sugar on top of it. If he’s not taking you out on a date, we all know what “chill” means.

10 Signs He's A Fuckboy

6. Late night texts

He only texts you when the sun goes down. Need I say more?

7. “Hoes be like…”

Bruh shut the fuck up with the “hoes be like.” Guys are the biggest sluts around. No room to talk.

8. His ex was “crazy”

Yeaaaah, let me hear her side of the story. LOL.

9. Private Snapchats

He doesn’t text you but he sends you private snaps…everyday…

10. His “squad”

If you really wanna know if he’s a fuckboy, take a look at the other guys he’s hanging out with. You’ll realize if you’ve been in denial.

10 Signs He's A Fuckboy f


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