“This song is dedicated to anyone suffering from loss and coping with change.”

Happy Thursday, #BetterGirls (and boys)! As I’m sure you all know, October is recognized as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to many of us, this means so much more than donning a pink ribbon for thirty-one days straight. This month is dedicated solely to the hundreds of thousands of women affected by breast cancer each year and to women in our lives who have battled diligently in the past. Breast cancer has affected our mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, best friends, and even ourselves. While every story is unique in it’s own way, as women we often find ourselves facing the same struggles when it comes to breast cancer. With that said, I would love to introduce our very first #BetterGirls Music Video Premiere.

Inspired by the stories of women who have faced the battle against breast cancer in the past, singer/songwriter Hannah Renee collaborated with guitarist Eric Escalante and wrote “Return” in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Both Hannah Renee and Eric teamed up with LA-based director Andric Booker to create this simplistic, intimate visual for their latest release.

Check out Hannah Renee’s “Return” video below:

“Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting my friend Sam Sulam, a well-respected director/photographer based in Los Angeles. Months after we met, I came across his announcement regarding his latest project, Something In The Way. I quickly discovered that this hauntingly beautiful portrait series was created in memory of his mother, Rose who had passed away from breast cancer last year. Incredibly moved by her story, I wanted to find a way to contribute to Sam’s project in any way that I could. Although I could never truly imagine what Sam must’ve felt when losing his mother, I knew I could channel my own experiences of loss and create something powerful. I found that while writing “Return”, I was able to connect the feelings Sam might have felt and relate to other types of loss. Eventually, the “Return” of one’s self and identity can rise through the ashes. I truly envision the song helping people soothe their souls, wounded or not. Also, the project will benefit Sam’s $25,000 fundraising goal for The Avon Foundation for Women. I’m really proud of this one and I hope people can find peace from it.”

Be sure to purchase Hannah Renee’s latest single, “Return” (feat. Eric Escalante) on iTunes. All proceeds will benefit Sam Sulam’s $25,000 fundraising goal for The Avon Foundation for Women!