My name is Christina Alba and I am a professional dancer living in Los Angeles, California. My job as a dancer is pretty straight forward, to dance and create movement. As corny as it sounds… Dance is my therapy. I am most free when I can express myself through movement. 

Dance is feeling. 

Dance is a vibe. 

& as a dancer, my favorite thing to do is to listen to music and to move. I love how music makes me feel from the inside out and when a song inspires me to move the feeling is so freeing. Right now, one of the biggest things I am working on is to completely find myself as an artist and for me that that begins with inspiration, a feeling, and a vibe; revealing to you my truest self. 


When I create, I like to build my ‘vibe’ from the ground up. Lately, I’ve been trying new things and challenging myself by working on the spot, and trying to think outside of myself. The energy that is created in the room is very important for my creating process as well. I like to feed off everyone’s energy in the room & I like to create in a very open space, but that can be both negative and positive, because it can mean my working process can go really well or really bad based on any preconceptions or any type of negativity. When I get stuck, I seek inspiration, I like to pull from my own personal experiences and how I might be feeling that day, and if that doesn’t help me I’ll look to my favorite artists for some creative inspo. Creating and dancing is definitely a natural high for me and I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. So if you want to get some insight on what I do and be free, turn on your favorite song and start dancing! 

Christina Alba


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Photography by: Chauntice Green

BTS Photography by: Shaina Santos

Video shot/edited by: Annelisa Moody