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I promised myself I would never slide in anyone’s DMs but, I slid in a couple when preparing for #HOFDAY last month. I took over @HOFisbetter’s Instagram and I had the opportunity to catch up with Annelisa Moody aka @YUNGBASEDANNZ, Co-Founder of @thebettergirls and one of the DJ’s on the #HOFDAY lineup. We got to talking about her musical influences, what it feels like to be the only female DJ on the #HOFDAY lineup and what we should look forward to with @thebettergirls. In that spirit, I was able to understand the life of a Better Girl with just a couple questions and a direct message.


HOF: When did you first have the idea of becoming a DJ?

Annelisa: I have been secretly wanting to pursue DJing for a while, it’s always been in the back of my mind. It wasn’t until probably last December when I finally decided to dive head-first into creating mixes. I think I reached my tipping point when I was browsing music on SoundCloud looking for a mix with a specific vibe in mind. Once realizing I wasn’t gonna find what I was looking for, I decided to create it instead. Since then, I never stopped!

HOF: That’s really dope. It sounds like music has always been with you. Who are your musical influences?

Annelisa: I probably have the most eclectic music taste out of anyone I know, so I feel like this is constantly changing lol. Aside from being a Pharrell/N.E.R.D. or Kanye stan, I absolutely LOVE Solange (artist + DJ-wise) and Devonte Hynes.

HOF: Solange is so fierce it definitely runs in her jeans. When did you decide or realize that you were ready to DJ at your first big event i.e #HOFDAY?

Annelisa: Shoooooot IDK, am I ready? Haha I knew I wanted to be a part of #HOFDAY but, I wasn’t sure how since I live all the way in LA. So when Robbie asked me to DJ this year, I couldn’t turn it down!


(photo: @chaunticegreen)

HOF: It’s definitely a great opportunity to show off your skills!! How does it feel knowing you’re the only female DJ performing this year at #HOFDAY?

Annelisa: It’s kinda dope to know that I’m the only female DJ on the lineup this year. At the same time, I feel like there’s got to be MORE female DJs (and artists) in Sac proper…Where my girls at?! (P.S Shoutout to DJ Red Corvette of Oakland, she held it down for Better Girls at last year’s #HOFDAY.)

HOF: That’s awesome! I definitely missed out last year. I’ve been listening to your soundcloud mixes and いちばん (ICHIBAN) is one of my favorites – I love the Lauryn Hill speech you added in throughout the whole mix. What influenced this piece?

Annelisa: This was my very very first mix and coincidentally the most popular one on my Soundcloud right now, lol. When I started to piece the tracks together, I was going for a more lovey-dovey vibe (prob because it was winter aka “cuffing season”). Right when I finished the mix, I stumbled on that Lauryn Hill speech and felt like it was the missing piece. And you know Ms. Hill be spitting that real shit 24/7, so it just needed to be in there.

HOF: Hell yeah! I’m pretty sure I reposted that video recently just like all my other soul sistas out there! *snaps* lol What kind of vibe should we expect at #HOFDAY?

Annelisa: I’ve been practicing my a$$ off and experimenting with different set options I could go with. I also don’t really want to be playing any of the same songs as other ppl there. It’s still up in the air, but if I were to describe the vibe in one word I’d say: “wavy”.

HOF: In the blessed words of Kanye, “WAVES DON’T DIE!” Lol! This is one of those theatrical superstitions but, before I have a photoshoot or an important meeting I listen to “Hard” by Rihanna, is there anything you do before you prepare for a big day?

Annelisa: Haven’t done this in a while, but if I’m ever feeling nervous/stressed I’ll listen to “I Needs No Bitch” by Young Curt…and I’ll recite the entire lyrics out loud. It’s probably the only song that will ever make me feel better in any given situation LOL.


HOF: LOL! I know I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone my little superstition but, you gotta do what you gotta do! I know you’re one of the co-founder’s of HOF Better Girls, what was your biggest inspiration when coming up with the idea of @thebettergirls with Robbie? And could you explain what HOF Better Girls is, for those who may not know?

Annelisa: LOL, I love it. Nothing like some RiRi to get you pumped for a big day, I feel it! I was so happy when Robbie came to Shaina, Tice and I with the opportunity to take on Better Girls. Between the four of us (Relle later joined in), we all know some incredibly talented, creative, and powerful women. Better Girls is beyond a typical blog, we want to inspire other young ladies through the stories we share.

HOF: I’m a strong believer in supporting “your local girl gang” so I love that you ladies are so raw and real with all that you share. Will @thebettergirls have any new projects we should all look out for?

Annelisa: Thank you! That truly means a lot, especially coming from a boss lady like yourself! #GirlPower (*Spice Girl Voice*) The girls and I have been planning our next HUGE project for a while now. We’ve all been a little busy with “life” happening lately, but we’re currently in the process of developing a Better Girls podcast.

HOF: That makes me so excited!! You definitely have your first subscriber right here. Is there anything you want people to know about you?

Annelisa: I’m a busy-body and I have a little ADHD, so I’m constantly working on multiple projects at once. I do A LOT on a day-to-day basis, and I freaking love it. When I finally get the chance to rest or take a day off, I’m asleep for a solid 12-16 hours lol.

HOF: Oh girl, that’s that GIRL BOSS hustle right there! I feel that 100%. Last but not least, what is one of your craziest HOF party experiences?

Annelisa: Ooooh girl, I’m not sure if I can share that on the record….I’ve had some CRAZY ass times at their parties back when I was 18-20 years old (why does that already feel so long ago omg). I’ll just say it’s ALWAYS been lit at any HOF function. Can’t wait for Saturday!

HOF: LOL! Well, I think that speaks for itself. HOF knows how to party!!


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