It’s all too familiar. The restlessness, discomfort, anger, insanity, then comes the turning point of reflection, realization, confidence, beauty, and strength. As a woman growing up in this fucked up society, I’ve felt it, and I know you’ve probably felt it too. In those dark moments when you’re feeling beat down, distressed, and simply “not good enough”, it’s imperative to remember: you are not alone.

Now I’ve gone through my fair share of fuck-ups and soul searching in my 25 years of living, but I haven’t had the chance to embrace all those dark moments I’ve endured until as of recent. Watching Liz Bustle‘s powerful dance piece in Kanya Iwana’s “Saorise” reminded me just to do that…see for yourself below.

Saoirse explores the silent side of human behavior projected into physical movements. This project is an expression of movement and images being the dominant factor of a film, in lieu of sound and dialogue. Saoirse (meaning: freedom) celebrates the emerging from one’s beauty cave and unapologetically breaking down its societal standards.

Kanya Iwana is an LA-based multi-media performance artist and creator. She is an avant garde storyteller inspired by nostalgia, untraditional color palette, and film / theater legends such as Anderson, LaBute, Hitchcock, and Hooper.


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