I woke up last Wednesday feeling anxious, physically and emotionally drained, hopeless, afraid. How the fuck did this happen? This can’t be true. Did our country really elect this racist, misogynist, xenophobic scumbag to become the President of the United States? I couldn’t believe this shit. I wanted to pack up everything and leave the country. I wanted to scream. 

…and I wasn’t alone. Despite the aftermath of this election, I found comfort in knowing that millions across the country are feeling the same and are doing something about it. That being said, I’m happy to share this stunning photoset by LA-based photographer Alex Harper. In lieu of the election, Alex welcomed 30 women to her home to vent, release, cry, laugh, scream, and create together


the idea was simple. so many in this world think women are just meant to look pretty until we eventually expire at 35. that women should simply be symbols of purity. that we are less than just because we have a vagina. but we won’t be silenced. we will be loud and explicit and purposeful and impactful. we’re not going anywhere.

(each crossed-out quote belongs to President Elect Donald Trump)




View the full photoset here.


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