A few weeks ago, Detroit’s Megatron MC Adam Reverie let loose the Clyde Strokes produced single, “Passion,” a pulverizing, deliberate cut placing his desire to continue his transformation into a steadfast staple in the Hip-Hop game on full display.

While Rev blasts listeners in the chest with a swift swing of his Makaveli blade and the type of spitfire lyricism that once left Royce da 5’9″ and Sway Calloway floored last summer, Uprising.TV and Rev himself direct brand new visuals for the effort to bring Rev and his bars to life. Shot in broad daylight, the camera pans through the abandoned, run-down rubble of Detroit’s economic dysfunction, a scene that becomes the perfect representation of Adam Reverie’s ability to overcome his own struggles, to rise above the ashes, and to become King of his own universe with the same enthusiasm that sparked his journey towards becoming an elite MC.