Where the fuck have you been, Alex Salveson? Holy shit. I’m going to name this guy “Sacramento’s Least Expected Yet Most Extremely Dope Rapper”. That’s literally how I feel after hearing his single, “Fiend”, and really digging into the rest of his music on SoundCloud. I had to ask Alex to tell me about the track. Here’s what he said…

“I guess I’ve just been listening to a lot of MDNSGN and Abstract Ninjaa and stuff like that. I wouldn’t say that the song has the vibe of those artists but that’s where a lot of my inspiration to create is coming from right now. I’ve been working a lot at my job that has nothing to offer me aside from the 10 dollars an hour. One day I came home and thought…damn I’m really on my own vibe. Not musically but just life in general. But at the same time I want the same things as everyone else. So is there a way I can achieve the same things as everyone else but in my own way? YOU CAN’T SELL ME DRUGS MR. METH MAN I GOT THIS DOPE SHIT IN MY LEFT HAND. (I’m left handed.) Idk…I’m trying to say smart shit but I’m also just trying to rap.”

And when I heard that from him, I was even more impressed because his inspiration comes from within our city. Rare. Keep an eye on this guy 100%. He’s @clean_edit on Twitter if you’re really trying to follow.

Check out Alex Salveson’s “Fiend” below and find the rest of his tracks on SoundCloud.