Earlier this month I got introduced to an artist from Sac by the name of Andrew Castro, a singer/songwriter who just released his first full-length album which you can hear on SoundCloud here. The album’s lead single, “Room 4 Two”, is something we wanted to spotlight here as it comes with a music video that we can definitely relate to…a bunch of homies taking shots and doing their thing, turning up at the house. Andrew and his boys perform the song in the visual and it’s just a fun watch. Oh, and our girl Alex Biscotti stars in it too. Check it out below!

I got the chance to ask Andrew Castro some questions about being an artist from Sacramento, who some of his favorite artists are out here, what he’s got coming up this year, and of course what his favorite party experience is. His answers are awesome and juicy. Read on below!


1. We know it’s hard being an artist from Sacramento. What’s your vision? Where do you want to take your career and how do you see yourself getting there?

My vision for Sacramento is to try and keep separating myself from the rest of the musicians out here in terms of how I approach everything from marketing, to releases, to how many shows I do. I’ve released now 4 EPs and 1 Full Length in a year and a half. Some people might ask why are you doing that? And I always say, “Well because no one else is?” To me it’s not really a competition more just where you find your groove. Sacramento so far has been really good to me and everyone has been really supportive. I had a release show for every EP, so 4 within 12 months and 3 of them sold out including one at Harlow’s to like 300 people, it was nuts. I ran an indiegogo campaign and successfully funded it at the end of 2016. So for me Sacramento, the city and the people, have been amazing and I owe everything to them. It’s been a place where I’ve created a launching pad for my touring. I want to be an artist that doesn’t just have a following and sells out venues in his hometown I want to reach across the country and maybe someday the world. Have a following wherever I go and Sac has been a great place to start.

2. Who are some of your favorite artists from Sacramento?

I’ve been to a ton of open mics so I’ve heard a lot of people and I’ve seen a lot of people grow like I have by playing live shows every night. It’s tough for me to pick just a few cause then I’d leave people out. Plus Sacramento has so many genres that people really do well in from songwriters to hip hop to collaborations between the two. Recorded Freedom does great lyrical hip hop along with Hobo Johnson who I’ve listened to recently, my boy Guti B. Songwriters, I love Sandra Dolores, Ruby Jaye and Xochitl’s music. But there are so many. Hero’s Last Mission, Drop Dead Red, James Cavern, Joe Kye, Denver J I can go on…

3. And since this is HOF…what’s the best party in Sacramento you’ve ever been to?

It actually happened a few years back. It was out in the country and my friend and I were playing a few songs (I didn’t write songs at this point just played guitar). It was a huge house. Somehow word got out about the party and it went from maybe 50 people hanging out to literally like 300. Fights broke out. Someone got a bottle smashed over their head. Like 10 cop cars showed up and came in the house. A lot of people ran upstairs to hide in this attic room but the cops found us and brought us downstairs. A cop was questioning me and my friend because we weren’t 21 at the time. We were getting a little nervous until a guy walked right by the cop with a bottle of whiskey in his hand. He was definitely under age. The cop tried to stop him but he just kept walking so she went after him. My friend and I took that opportunity to run and hide in a bedroom where the cop never found us. So…good night.

4. What can you tell us about your upcoming show at Sol Collective, March 4th?

Sol Collective (5)

March 4th I’m having my album release show for my first full length album titled “Can I Play for You?”. It’ll be at Sol Collective in downtown Sacramento. I’ve had four release show prior to this in a year and a half but they were all EPs so I’m excited because this will be something different. Also I usually am on stage by myself with just me and my loop pedal. However this time I will be having a band for 3-5 songs so I’m a little nervous but excited about that. The tickets will be going on sale right at the end of January, beginning of February. There will be some cool openers that I am thrilled to be sharing the stage with.


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