Sac’s own Anton Xavier just dropped off ‘Deadhouse’, a multi art-form project with assistance from Dark Dante and CONR on the production, and UNKVVN and Siena Kennedy with the visuals. The Sacramento native pulled together a solid team to capture his exact vision for the project, which consists of a three-track EP, a ‘Deadhouse’ movie, and a series of clothing available for purchase here.

Anton says…

“Deadhouse serves as an interlude from my 2016 singles and my upcoming music. With this project, I hoped to give people an inside-look at some of my most recent experiences, emotions and how my brain operates, while also giving people something they can relate to as well. The name Deadhouse was inspired by the Goosebumps episode, ‘Welcome to Deadhouse’, and my own living conditions: rotting inside the house trying to pull my life together. This project is a roller-coaster ride from beginning to end, detailing the perils of adolescence I have faced in the past couple months. I’ve realized I cannot fade or finesse everyone who has done me wrong; I’ve learned to recognize, yet not blame, the influence that my internal and external environment has had on me. I try to escape without getting out of touch with my true nature while owning up for and accepting every decision made in my power. I found myself in the dark and discovered that’s where I’d like to remain. There is beauty in the darkness; with this project I hoped to begin expressing that to the world.”

Anton Xavier’s ‘Deadhouse’ below.