If you follow HOF, then you should be following Igwe Aka by now. We first heard about him probably 5 months ago or so when he dropped ‘The Classics Vol. 1’…that was enough to make us believers. But then he popped up on our debut OFFLINE show and shut it down and we’ve been not just believers but followers ever since, doing our best to support all his efforts. Dude’s mega talented, that’s a given if you give his music just one listen. But he’s also super smart, humble, and just cool as fuck. He’s got everything we think an artist needs to go major. You’ll definitely be seeing him on more HOF stages in time to come.

Anyway — Igwe Aka just dropped a new one called “Faith” produced by Nubbz. It’s a smooth, soulful one as its title suggests. I asked Igwe to talk about the track, and here’s what he had to say…

“It’s a song about just holding on. Remembering when times were worse even if they are bad. Remembering they can get worse. Explaining that I too am very sad a lot. I constantly break down. I’m human. And not a very strong one but I still make the effort to understand that there can only possibly up to go from here.”

We’re blessed to have this man around.

Listen to Igwe Aka’s “Faith” below.