The time between these playlists has been getting longer and longer lately, but I think that’s mostly because it’s been the off-season for us…even though we really haven’t had any time off. If you’re new here, this series of playlists are exactly like their titles suggest. It’s just a bunch of dope tracks. We usually provide an update on the HOF front too when dropping one of these, so here it goes.

All’s steady here. We’ve established two successful weekly events for our party-goers: Salty Saturdays at Highwater and CAKE Wednesdays at District 30. If you’ve yet to attend either, we implore you to check those out. Always a good time. Aside from those, we debuted our new series of performance-driven events, OFFLINE, which was a huge success last month. We’re working the second OFFLINE now. We’ve got the very first recreational 4/20 friendly event coming up next month on 4/20. More details to come on that very very soon. And yes, #HOFDAY is in the works. All we can say right now is that we’re really going to outdo ourselves this year…be ready.

With all this said…

Just some dope tracks for y’all to rock with below.