Silk Animus is a rapper from the Elk Grove/South Sac area who hit me up a week or two ago with a link to his SoundCloud saying, “I believe in letting the art speak for itself so just take a few minutes and I think you’ll at least be able to feel what’s different about it.” That’s all he needed to say to catch my attention, but then I listened and, yeah, he’s definitely got something different. I asked him some questions like how old he was, how long he’s been rapping, what his vision is for his music career and where he’s at with that currently, as well as who his Sacramento influences are…and he had some really cool things to say.

“So I’m 20 years old, been writing rap songs for close to a decade now. Even though I will always love doing it as a hobby, I’m rapping to make a living. Not necessarily to be a famous, but I would love more than anything to make a living wage off the songs I make. I’m really influenced by underground favorites, Busdriver especially, and Open Mike Eagle, Aesop Rock, DOOM. I love all kinds of hip hop, but the kind that has resonated and influenced my art is the independent rappers I go see in some hole-in-the-wall club with a few dozen other people who also have this strong love for this special thing.

Right now, I’m just trying to get shows around Sac, and getting my music into as many ears as possible because I love seeing people that hear what I hear in my own shit. I know my music isn’t the most accessible per se and it’s ok with me, because there are other people out there that love this specific thing I do, and I believe I can be good enough to hold a place in the indie kids hearts.”

Silk Animus has an album dropping May 17th, right around the corner. But in the meantime, there’s 3 tracks below you’ve gotta hear to familiarize yourself. Follow him on Twitter at @SilkAnimus.