Petaluma is a band from Sacramento lead by multi-instrumentalists Rob Habel and Pat Sweeney, with Melissa Garcia on drums and percussion, Ty Marshall on guitar, and our good friend David Baez on synths, keys, and bass. David introduced me to the project about a week ago and I couldn’t be more excited to share their debut, eponymous album ‘Petaluma’ here tonight. The album has been described as “mesmerizing” and “hypnotic”…and heralded by MusicallyEnthused as “…a truly exciting release that reveals potent musicianship and vision.” I couldn’t agree more with these acclaims.
When I had my first listen to ‘Petaluma’, I was instantly overwhelmingly impressed by the range of sounds offered. It made perfect sense when Rob and Pat told us they share a love of experimental hip hop, electronica, and psychedelic pop. These genres formed the foundations of the deeply layered sound that became Petaluma’s self-titled debut.

It’s rare that I’m absolutely astounded by music coming out of Sacramento, but that is the case here. I can’t even believe there’s artists making music this good in Sacramento. Err…it’s not that I can’t believe that it’s actually happening…it’s more that I can’t believe it’s not being recognized by the entire city, let alone the rest of the world. But alas, that’s why we do what we do here at HOF. My sincere hope is that we’ll make at least one new fan of Petaluma here tonight.

Petaluma’s debut album above.