Philo & Crates are two Sac artists I’ve come know through the homies in Control The Famous. The two met in high school in Northern California. After discovering each other’s respective talents, they began creating music together in late 2009. Philo holds down the rhymes through mind-bending lyricism and a unique flow that sets him apart from most emcees. Crates began making beats at a young age. His productions are soulful and hard-hitting, providing a cohesive backdrop to Philo’s style.

“Crystal Chandeliers” is a track designed to embody emotions of a man trying to find light in the darkness. It is laced with anxiety, hopefulness, doubt and expectation on a journey through a mind that is full of question and fear.

We’ve got the video Philo & Crates’s “Crystal Chandeliers” below. Check it out.