More new music worth sharing from our city here with Savvy Williams’ ‘Momento Mori’ EP. Savvy’s another new name to us, another dope artist upcoming artist from Sacramento, and another member of the WILDLIFE crew we’ve recently become acquainted with.

Below you’ll find that Savvy Williams’ EP, a video for his “1950s” single, as well as a short interview with him talking about WILDLIFE and what’s on the horizon for them.

1. Tell us about WILDLIFE. We’re familiar with you and ZuDevine now…who else is part of the crew? Who else should we be listening to?

WILDLIFE is a collective of talented souls. Just a group of kids that met at PI skate park and formed a bond stronger then blood. we push to keep a positive message in our music from several different view points and experiences in life, mine being a little more positively sinister or weird even, but i think that the similarities that we have solidified us as a group and as individual artist.

ZuDevine is my MF BROTHER YO! just like all my niggas in WL. Me and Zoo met at power inn one day when my cousin bear came to me and was like ” yo you here this new kid flow? bruh nasty.” i didn’t believe it so i walked up and we cyphered.. and i have to say back then to now Zu always had Heat. so we started rocking ever since and we have basically the same past history which is a trip to and i think thats a real reason me and him are so close thats real family.

Other members of WILDLIFE are Prophet, Itto , Jinmenusagi.

PROPHET is working on some new shit he hasn’t dropped and mixtape recently but his last one was a Banger! He released some singles i think just to the crew but they went so fucking hard and I’m excited for his future stuff!
Ever since i been rocking with him he has stepped the bar up on bars that i have to stay in the lab or in my notes writing one of my closet homies and influences.

Itto Is like the Big brother of WILDLIFE he is soulful, intelligent and definitely the more knowledgeable member in my eyes.
His music is spectacular with influences from the Beatles and heartfelt lyrics with a work ethic and aesthetic out of this world. Keep your eyes and ears open and don’t sleep on ITTO he got some gourmet sounds cooking BOLO for that.
Mush records stay pumping out great music!

Then there is JINMENUSAGI he is the hitter of hitters i mean well rounded artist flow, creativity,song construction, creativity i mean on and on he is for sure a factor that i think we all should keep a eye on. My brother go crazy like we all do but he really getting it in and he keeps up on our toes i honestly try to keep with with him and it so hard lol his work ethic is bonkers most def BOLO for his new shit!!!

2. What’s on the horizon for you and WILDLIFE?

Me I will actually be heading to japan in july and try my hand at the market there trying to spread our influence even though Itto and Jinmenusagi got it sewed up. Im dropping my next project ALEISTER WILLIAMS MAY 1ST so look out for that I just dropped a project MOMENTO MORI you can cop that on bandcamp or just slap it on sound cloud.

WILDLIFE as a whole i don’t know just yet if we are gunna drop a project this early in the year I think if we do it will be later this year for sure but we are all just rocking as individual artist for the time being growing and taking the steps to become men and artist in this game Watch out for all of us don’t sleep we coming for the game from Cali,NY, to Tokyo!

3. What’s the best party you’ve ever been to in Sacramento?

Is that a real Question haha the HOFDAY PARTY!! best time I’ve had since my first LUCY drop!!