Absolutely loving my dude Shelf Nunny’s new EP. This is the type of music I’m trying to listen to when I’m home being low-key or when I’m driving a distance. It’s so relaxing and so refreshing. He says…

“I personally love instrumental music and think it has its own beauty. I fall asleep to ambient music every night. But adding vocals just makes everything sound so complete and transforms it from what it is into a pop song and something completely different. I’m always trying to find that perfect balance between the two and this EP was me trying to find a middle ground. I’m really proud of all these songs, the vocals made the beats sound better, and maybe the beats made their voices sound better. Hard to say, they just compliment each other so well and I guess this is how I want to make music from now on! Hopefully I’ll produce for other talented songwriters down the road. I’m sure going to try. :)”

Take a listen to Shelf Nunny’s ‘Little Time We Have’ EP up top.