So Much Light is the alias of Damien Verrett, probably one of the most promising young electronic talents coming out of Sacramento among the ranks of KEV and The Philharmonik and cats like that. “Bad News” is his brand new single featuring VIVIAN, and it’s gorgeous. The downtempo beat, airy synths, and spacey guitars set the tone for So Much Light and VIVIAN to deliver some powerful vocals about moving forward positively after a relationship comes to an end.

So Much Light says of the tune…

“I started writing this song towards the end of a relationship. I was looking for break up songs and wishing I could find something to listen to that was more reflective of my feelings. I was sad and confused, but I also understood that going forward I still wanted this person in my life and that in order to make that happen I needed to end up in a place of understanding rather than bitterness. Getting VIVIAN on the track was a no-brainer. I feel like she views the world through a clearer lens than mine and I needed her perspective to help make the track feel balanced.”

VIVIAN’s perspective definitely offers balance, with her saying…

“To me, it’s about being in that in-between space with someone you love… Maybe the relationship is ending but you aren’t ready to let go of it yet, so confusion and chaos are wrestling there. Love relationships are reflectors too, so it’s also about confronting the dark parts within yourself that come to face you in the mirror when you are intimate with another person. We want to find common understanding again, or at least some sort of resolution from being in limbo.”

It’s a beautiful thing what these two artists have done together, even if the subject matter can be considered sad. It’s all part of this process we all go through with relationships when we genuinely want what’s best for each other. And at least now, when we’re going through it, we’ve got a song to reflect these feelings more accurately.

Listen to So Much Light and VIVIAN’s “Bad News” below and grab the single through iTunes.

Oh, and stay tuned for a HOF show announcement with So Much Light! 😉