For those who aren’t in the know as of late, the streaming service SoundCloud is on the verge of shutting down, for good. Undeniably, SoundCloud has revolutionized music streaming for artists and listeners, not just for your a-typical mainstream blokes, but most importantly, for beginning, up and coming musicians (Hello, SoundCloud Rappers) across the world.

In a swift attempt to save themselves from sinking to the bottom of the tech ocean for good, SoundCloud axed over 40% of their staff without warning. The move seemed harsh, especially to the employees who’d been blindsided, but will only save SoundCloud to stay afloat til Q4. That isn’t too far away.

What worries people most is this simple question: What happens to all of the music? The answer, is pretty unclear. For artists, it seems that the best route of passage would be to begin downloading and cataloging their work as fast as possible. For fans and bloggers, however, we’re going to lose out. Big.

While we wait to see what happens to SoundCloud in the next few weeks, there are rumblings shaking through the grapevine that social vigilante Chance The Rapper may have something up his sleeve.

Chance, who’s deal with Apple Music and stream of his album, Coloring Book, netted the Windy City rapper a cool $500,000, is the perfect advocate to inquire the tech giant to purchase the flailing SoundCloud from imminent doom. Not only would this move be a potential win for Apple, it would continue to provide artists of all realms a continued safe space to harbor their work for fans new and old.

However, as the tech and entertainment worlds continue to merge drastically together, it may be time, a la Napster and Limewire before it, for Soundcloud to fall and give rise to a new, more sustainable streaming service for the future.

With all that being said, should SoundCloud be bought out, or left to fail?

UPDATE: Chance The Rapper may have just saved Soundcloud from potential shutdown.

Let’s see how this cookie crumbles.