Who is Cole?

While answering that question may be a bit difficult, what we do know about the California artist is that his music is, undoubtedly, worthy of your time. A staple artist of the aptly titled Bedroomtrap Entertainment group, Cole is at the very least, expertly consistent, providing wildly ethereal records with often soft, velveteen crooning capabilities that suck listeners into his exquisitely vast vacuum of R&B soundscapes.

Cole’s latest, “Kinfolk,” is no exception. Spread over a down trodden, seemingly boundless production from Sbvce, Cole utilizes his unique vocals to reveal stories about his squad and the undying devotion he holds for those who have been there for him since the beginning. In these moments, the answer to the initial question can be discovered, and until more is learned about the relatively under-known songwriter, here is where we can find them.

Take a listen.