NAYR ZE is a 19 year old artist out of Texas who recently hit us up with his mixtape ‘ZE RACER’. He says about the project, “It’s a project I’ve been putting together over the course of a year and a half. I don’t wanna lie and say it has some big underlining message or even a theme behind it because it doesn’t. I only named it ZE RACER as a reference to Speed Racer because I watch a lot of Speed Racer when I’m high cause I find it entertaining and I like the aesthetic. The whole mixtape is really just a big passion project fueled by my struggles with anxiety and ADD and the many nights I spent getting high and playing video games. If it feels kind of all over the place and scrambled, that’s because that’s how my mind is. That’s how I am, and I’m glad that this project reflects that. Most of the samples I used for the production are from video games and anime but some are just random. Honestly, I make this music for the kids like me or really just anyone who kind find any enjoyment from what I’m doing.” I think the project slaps and is definitely worth checking out. Peep it up top.