Before he was Raz Simone, he was Solomon, a young artist in the making who wrote poems and studied movies and their scores before he ever even started listening to rap records. Since then, a lot has changed for the Seattle MC, and his career has catapulted him to rocking stages with Macklemore while writing records and selling out shows overseas with the world’s finest artists at home and abroad. Today, Raz’s latest cut and the visuals accompanying it for, “Your Hands,” sounds as if he’s reaching into the vault of his past from records like Cognitive Dissonance and Trap Spirituals, catapulting his quintessential preacher poetics and cinematic production into a fresh, new light. And as consistent as he has been throughout his career, this one is no different, as the 28 year old continues onward an upward.

Struggling between selling drugs to feed his family or suffer otherwise, Raz speaks about the trials and tribulations of a growing man in a cold world, where even relying on your significant other is an endeavor all it’s own. Raz, who thought that those who he trusted most would be there for him in the end, and weren’t, acknowledges and releases these demons through his passionate prose as he walks along a similarly cool, grey beachfront over elegant instrumentals procured by Antwon Vinson and Raz himself.

Take a look.