HOF (“Hall of Fame” / @HOFisbetter) provides emerging creatives new entertainment platforms to showcase their talent. With a reach of over 100,000 people via social media outlets, events with over 3,000 attendees, and three Sacramento trending topics via Twitter… HOF has become synonymous with entertainment and is a household name amongst the millennials of Sacramento and its surrounding areas. The four owners of HOF have been able to successfully brand this company from the ground up, and in doing so, have built a tight-knit family of fellow entrepreneurs and artists. With HOF Records, the HOF team supports artists with packaging, releasing, and promoting their music… and HOF artists have played all across the country, in South America, and in Europe. With our loyal fan-base, internationally recognized website, vast resources and dedication to events that attendees will forever remember, we are able to promote any other entities we believe in and trust.


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ROBBIE METCALF (Chief Executive Officer/Editor in Chief/Senior Label Manager)

DAMIAN LYNCH (Chief Operations Officer/Event Manager)

TONY CHRIST (Chief Marketing Officer/Lead Designer/Label Manager)

BYRON HUGHES (Chief Creative Officer/#EatBetter)

ROSE RASMUSSEN (Administrative Manager)

JOHN JAVIDAN (Senior Event Manager)

MARCUS PARKER (Event Host/Creative Consultant)

ROMAN AUSTIN (Sound Consultant/Label Manager)

TIM THOMAS (Featured Editor/Creative Consultant)

#BETTERGIRLS (Annelisa Moody/Shaina Santos/Chauntice Green/Joerelle Rivera)