In 2008, the nightlife scene for the 18+ was practically non-existent in Sacramento. Pretty much everything entertainment-wise was nonexistent for the youth out here. It was that year that the 4 young founders of HOF (an acronym for “Hall of Fame”) took it upon themselves to do something about it. With an extremely limited amount of venues to work with, HOF started throwing parties where ever they could, even if it was in a house charging what ever they could to get the party paid for.

3 years later, HOF took a leap forward and threw a party called “GAMETIME” in a massive warehouse downtown. 3,000+ people showed up and it was a monumental moment for HOF as it inspired them to keep pushing their limits and keep the party going.

HOF did another GAMETIME the following year, and another the year after that before taking a year off to get their business straight and take the party to yet another level.

Finally, in 2015, they were ready. Backed by the City of West Sacramento, HOF presented “GAMETIME: The Infamous #HOFDAYPARTY”. They had no headliners, sticking to the formula of rocking with the most prominent artists Sacramento has to offer. It was a hell of a win, but nothing in comparison to what became of 2016’s newly branded “#HOFDAY”. Literally a party so big people started calling it a festival, with 2 main stages, 10+ DJs, and over 25 live performances. 5,000+ people came out, breaking all their previous event attendance records, not to mention having their first ever major headliner, Metro Boomin, adding to the experience.

The journey of HOF is far from over. Throughout those years, HOF has become synonymous with entertainment in general and is a household name amongst the millennials of Sacramento and its surrounding areas. Successfully branding their company from the ground up, HOF has built a tight-knit family of fellow entrepreneurs and artists. With their loyal social media fan-base, internationally recognized website, vast resources and dedication to events and various media forms, HOF is able to promote any other entities they believe in and trust. Their story is one they hope will inspire all other youth in the city to continue to break the mold.


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ROBBIE METCALF (Chief Executive Officer/Editor in Chief/Senior Label Manager)


DAMIAN LYNCH (Chief Operations Officer/Event Manager)


TONY CHRIST (Chief Marketing Officer/Lead Designer/Label Manager)


ROSE RASMUSSEN (Administrative Manager)


MARCUS PARKER (Event Host/Creative Consultant)


ROMAN AUSTIN (Sound Consultant/Label Manager)


TIM THOMAS (Creative Consultant)