It’s my pleasure to introduce all of you to something special coming out of Massachusetts. Dirty Fresh is Jake Holland and Dan Allen, who together bring a new type of dance music to light. They have a very unique sound that’s just as cool as the likes of Mord Fustang or anyone you’d see at a big room festival. With high amounts of glitch mixed with electro-house, they bring a sound to the table that has never been heard before. And with over 10 years of musical background and production, Dirty Fresh is finally ready to claim the respect and following of the dance community worldwide.

Now on to the goods…

First up we’ve got their remix of Christina Aguilera‘s “Dirty“. I love it when producers can take a mainstream song and turn it into something the girls will go even crazier for when we get on the dance floor. That’s exactly what Dirty Fresh has done with this.

Next we have an original from the duo entitled “Dancing Plague Of 1518“. The track’s as dope as its title. A triumphant beat, and this glitchy, captivating sample running straight through it. Then when you think they can’t possibly hit with you more, the beat drops and you’re taken away by the lead synth.

Finally we have “Easter Island“. This is the one that caught my attention. It’s wobbly, it’s funky, it’s deep, and it’s a little optimistic… Just go ahead and play this one.

Be sure to grab all the free downloads on SoundCloud, and definitely check them out on Facebook.

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