I’ve never formally met Bueno or his team, but I’m definitely familiar. Sacramento hip-hop legend to say the very least. You’ve probably heard “In My Zone”, his hit single featuring IAMSU! off his brand new album ‘The Bag’. But if you haven’t, you need to get familiar with that one quick…

Anyway…like I said, Bueno’s highly-anticipated new album ‘The Bag’ has arrived and it’s a 10-track project that slaps hard, start to finish. He didn’t hold anything back here. He really went all out. With additional features from the likes of Yukmouth, D Rek, and Street Knowledge, this is an album Sacramento should be very proud of.

Bueno’s ‘The Bag’ below.

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I grew up in Sacramento in a time where there was no young entertainment company like HOF to look up to. I met Tony in LA while I was managing LBCK in Long Beach. I kind of knew Damian from middle school. And I didn't know Byron even though we went to the same middle school. But when we first started partying together in 2011, it just made sense for me...someone who's passionate about the business side of music...to align with them...who're passionate about the business side of events. I believe what I'm doing here...running the site and the social media and the artist management/publicity and the label...is creating a means to better spotlight and support the emerging artists we truly believe in. They say no one's ever "made it" out of Sacramento. It's my ultimate mission to change that. As our boy Marcus says, "We're bringing Sacramento to The World...and we're bringing The World to Sacramento."

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