The #40ozBounce events in 2017 are about to be extra lit. You know why? Cuz D’USSÉ and 40oz NYC just partnered up. They’ll will be the exclusive Cognac for the tour and will be heavily branded through activations and other experiential marketing avenues. Over the years the Jay Z’s Cognac brand has partnered with independent artists, brands and influencers to help take their movements to the next level. 40oz NYC and D’USSÉ are excited to partner and produce an experience for millennials that won’t be forgotten.

40 says…

“We’re proud to announce our new partnership for ’17. I’ve always respected what the brand stood for and their organic but impactful marketing. We’re immensely grateful for this opportunity that’s going to take #40ozBounce to the next level. Thank you Emory Jones, Brian Axelrod, & Hov!”


You know what this means right? Our next #40ozBounce…we’ll be poppin’ D’USSÉ bottles all night.

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I grew up in Sacramento in a time where there was no young entertainment company like HOF to look up to. I met Tony in LA while I was managing LBCK in Long Beach. I kind of knew Damian from middle school. And I didn't know Byron even though we went to the same middle school. But when we first started partying together in 2011, it just made sense for me...someone who's passionate about the business side of align with them...who're passionate about the business side of events. I believe what I'm doing here...running the site and the social media and the artist management/publicity and the creating a means to better spotlight and support the emerging artists we truly believe in. They say no one's ever "made it" out of Sacramento. It's my ultimate mission to change that. As our boy Marcus says, "We're bringing Sacramento to The World...and we're bringing The World to Sacramento."

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