Ah yes. Recent favorite Johnny Stimson has enlisted none other than Follow Me to remix his summertime hit, “Daddy’s Money”. I heard about this one last week and have been looking forward to it since. The Follow Me cats take a beautiful approach with their remix treatment. They say…

This remix definitely gave us a chance to get back to our roots a bit. At the onset of this project, our sound was much more 80s style, and heavily inspired by the Valerie Collective sound of futuristic Italo Disco with driving bass lines and sparkly synth diddys. As of late we’ve been producing much more cooled out, ambient house-infused R&B grooves, but ‘Daddy’s Money’ provided a platform for us to make something a bit more up beat, with that retro feel we’ve always loved. Johnny’s powerful vocals are both catchy and relatable, so we wanted to make sure to preserve the emotional energy present in the original track. We didn’t want to change the theme of the story he’s telling, just put our own twist on it and relay the account from a slightly different point of view. Johnny presents the epilogue to a tale of being with an unhappy rich girl who’s impossible to please… We give you the sequel.

Enjoy the stream and free download below.

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